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Independent artist Ryan Jordan passes Taylor Swift and Ke$ha on the Hot/AC Up & Coming Charts
April 14, 2011



Madison, WI 04/14/2011

Singer/songwriter Ryan Jordan moves rapidly up the AC/Hot up & Coming radio charts with his first single, “For A Little While.” Charting in the second week of promotion, Ryan is an independent wonder that is #51 on the STS charts with 97 spins this week. Radio stations across the country are discovering this charming yet dynamic tune. “For A Little While” is holding strong on 10 rotations and 5 adds this week making Ryan higher than anyone in the top 30.

Independent artists wear many hats, but when it comes to “doing it all,” Ryan Jordan is no stranger to hard work. In a recent interview, Ryan reveals talents that go beyond creating the music. Physically designing his album cover, single covers, press photos, website, and maintaining several social networks, Ryan is a man of many large hats.

Between planning radio interviews, booking television performances, and making his teenage dream a reality, this independent artist seeks more than just a coffee house career.

Ryan is currently in the studio recording 4 additional tracks to complete his second studio album. Still searching for a good home for his sophomore record, Ryan seeks a record label that is not afraid to get personal, be original, and get back to basics.

For additional information and bookings, contact Ross Tonkin at 213-265-9866

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